Now we want to attach the motor controller. Remember, this is the part that can handle enough electricity to actually move the motors.


Before we glue it down, let's do some planning. We don't want to glue the motor controller down and then realize it won't be able to attach our wires!

Connect the motor wires to the sides of the motor controller.

For this part, you will need a small screw driver. You will loosen the screw in the blue connector, and then insert the wires. It helps to twist the wires, so they bunch up and hold together better.


Then tighten the screw to hold your wire in place.


Make sure that the RED wire is on the side closer to the heat sink (the big black metal part).


Now you should have both motors connected.

Glue down the motor controller

Find a good spot for the motor controller. Then put a big glob of blue on the bottom of it, and press it down onto the chassis where you want it to go.



  • Make sure that you place the motor controller in a spot where you can still reach the blue connectors.

Next Step: Attach the Breadboard