Place Your Motors

Before you grab the hot glue gun, you want to line up your motors. Where should they go? How can you keep them lined up so that your robot drives straight?


One side of the motor is smooth like this. This is the side that we want to glue to the bot. It gives us a big flat surface to make sure the glue holds.


The other side of the motor has this little bump. We want to place the bump on the side where you attach your


Now it's time to glue the motors on to the chassis. It might help to have a partner help you with this part.


Feel free to use as much glue as you want, but you shouldn't need too much. Here's an example of how it should look.



  • Check to make sure that the motor shaft is able to move freely after you glue it.


  • Get hot glue on the motor shafts. It could lock the motor up, and it won't be able to turn!
  • Let the motor shaft rub on the chassis of the robot. This will slow your bot down!

Next Step: Connect the Swivel Wheel