Now that we have our power hooked up, let's check to see if everything is working properly. Find one of the RC controllers. Unfortunately we only have a few of these for the entire Battle of the Bots. You will use the controller when needed, and the rest of the time your robot will just follow programming you give it on the computer.

There are 6 wires on the controller that connect to your motor controller like shown below. You should probably ask someone for help for this part. But once you see it done, you'll be able to help your teammates.


Now use the joystick to go forward. Did your wheels turn the right direction? How about when you turn right or left?

If your wheels are not turning the right direction, you'll want to swap the connections for that motor. Go to the screw connectors and switch the red and black wires.


Now unplug the RC controller and get ready to finish wiring your bot.

Connect the Control Wires