Now our Arduino and Motor Controller will turn on and we checked that our connections are right. But now we need to connect the Arduino to the motor controller so that we can program our bot.

You will need 6 wires that each have a male connector on one end and a female connector on the other end. Like this:


The female end will attach the the pins on the motor controller, and the male end will plug into the breadboard.

Here is a diagram showing how our connections will need to be made. Look at how each of the blue wires in the diagram is connected.


The six connections you need are:

  1. ENA connects to A0
  2. IN1 connects to A1
  3. IN2 connects to A2
  4. IN3 connects to A3
  5. IN4 connects to A4
  6. ENB connects to A5

Now all that's left is to program your bot!

Program Your Bot